Trail - Running socks

10,80 €


24,00 €


Ultra reinforced and durable, the Trail sock offers lasting protection and comfort on long distance runs.
The reinforcements, placed in the most delicate areas, protect the foot from irritation and rubbing against the shoe.

Thanks to the exclusive material of our yarns (Celliant technology) and the graduated compression, the Oxeego Trail sock improves blood flow by extending the oxygenating action on the whole foot, reducing the sensation of soreness and swelling.

The structure of the sock, elastic and snug, keeps the foot more stable in the shoe when running, while ventilation areas around the arch make it breathable, quickly eliminating moisture and sweat.

Oxeego helps prevent overheating and blistering thanks to the special Soft Touch structure and the humidity regulation function placed under the toes. The Oxeego Antibacterial yarn counteracts the appearance of ideal growth environment for the development of bacteria and the consequent formation of bad odors.

Compression Select/3
Care instructions:
Machine wash cold at 30° C.
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.

Made in Italy
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