Compression Stripes

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Oxeego - Compression Stripes


Higher than the previous version and with a reinforced structure to protect the most stressed areas during the run (heel, toes and the side of the toes),the gradual compression sock, which is made with the advanced Celliant technology, allows you to use the energy released from your body increasing the oxygenation of the blood up to 24%.

The increase in blood flow and oxygen levels of the blood in the tissues help the muscles and joints to fight cramps and edema caused by injuries. The compression sock can be used during sports and also in the recovery phase, as it eliminates the waste stored from the muscles and helps the tissues, challenged by the activity, getting rid of the toxins.

The Soft Touch sponge placed in contact with the sole of the foot up to the top of the heel is made with Oxeego Antibacterial technology with excellent antibacterial properties, while the central area is equipped with a circular band dedicated to the foot ventilation.

It also facilitates the correct regulation of sweating, leaving the foot dry and preventing the formation of blisters.

Oxeego - Compression Stripes
20 cm from the heel
Compression 3/3
51%% Polyester
3%% Elastan
41%% Micromodal
5%% Nylon
Care instructions:
Machine wash cold at 30° C.
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.

Made in Italy
Oxeego energia
More energy
The exclusive mix of natural and inorganic materials of the yarns in the Oxeego® sock allows the reflection of infrared energy issued by our body, giving it back with a different wavelength, penetrating more deeply, improving physical activity and recovery.
Oxeego ossigenazione
The energy reflected and re-addressed towards the foot's tissue reactivates the regulation mechanism of the blood microcirculation with consequent increment of the skin's oxygenation. In healthy subjects, the oxygenation can improve from 10% to 24%.
Oxeego antibatterico
Thanks to the strong antibacterial and antimicrobial function of chitin* molecules contained in Oxeego®'s yarns, it is possible to contrast the environment where bacteria tend to develop and the consequent bad odours. * organic molecule that has been used for many years in the medical, sanitary and pharmaceutical fields.
Oxeego idratazione
Oxeego helps avoiding dry and irritated skin, thanks to its special structure Soft touch and to the regulation of humidity. Oxeego can also be used by people with sensitive skin like elderly and children.
Oxeego temperatura
The union between the two yarns in the Oxeego sock helps the body temperature regulation in every situation, thanks to the increase of blood's microcirculation and to the absorption of humidity in the treated area.
Oxeego sudorazione
Oxeego's items containing chitin have a very high capacity of absorption (30 times its weight) and can be used directly on the skin, guaranteeing a high comfort level and leaving the treated area dry, even in stressing situations.
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Calze a compressione: l’utilizzo nell’attività sportiva
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