Running 3 X 1 pack

Oxeego - Running 3 X 1 pack

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Oxeego - Running 3 X 1 pack


The Oxeego Running, disigned for track, road and trail running, guarantees excellent resistance thanks to its reinforcements placed in the most delicate areas, its great ability to wick moisture and excellent  antibacterial activity.

Its structure is made using the Celliant technology, which recycles the energy emitted by the body (it increases oxygenation up to 24%) while the sponge that covers most of the arch of the foot is made using Oxeego Antibacterial technology, which has excellent antibacterial properties and moisture-wicking abilities.

It has a protective elastic band in the back in order to prevent inflammation in the Achilles tendon while running.

Oxeego - Running 3 X 1 pack
Compression Select/3
Care instructions:
Machine wash cold at 30° C.
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.

Made in Italy
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