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Home > Base Layers>Winter Base Layer Pack

Base Layers>Winter Base Layer Pack

Home > Base Layers>Winter Base Layer Pack

Base Layers>Winter Base Layer Pack

Winter Base Layer Pack
On sale!
Winter Base Layer Pack

The winter base layers kit by Oxeego, for those facing the cold days

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Oxeego Winter Base Layers Pack

Keep your body warm during winter sports with Oxeego technical base layers:

  • 1 Long Sleeve Base Layer
    With an extra light weight of 150 grams and a tight as well as seamless wearability, that make it feel like a second skin, Oxeego technical long sleeve base layer gives the best comfort guaranteeing the total freedom of movement.
  • 1 Technical Pants 3/4 Unisex
    The Oxeego 3/4 pants, made of Oxee O² (the first textile yarn able to interact with the body), helps to keep body heat away from excess moisture. Thanks to the stimulation of the blood circulation and the consequent reactivation of the microcirculation regulation mechanisms, the body temperature remains stable and the heat is not dispersed. Rapidly dissipates perspiration, keeping the skin always dry, eliminating the annoying feeling of wetness.

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