Pixels Natura 3x1

Oxeego - Pixels Natura 3x1

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Oxeego - Pixels Natura 3x1


The Oxeego Pixels cycling sock, made with the exclusive Celliant technology, uses the infrared energy emitted by the body, increasing the oxygenation of the tissues by up to 24%.

It also helps to improve physical activity by giving a feeling of comfort during your bike rides.

The Soft Touch antibacterial sponge, which regulates body moisture, is positioned under the toes and helps to counteract the appearance of ideal growth environment for the development of bacteria, always leaving the affected area dry.

The reinforcements on the heel also prevent annoying irritations caused by rubbing against the shoe while pedaling. At the center, a large ventilation space contributes to a correct foot perspiration.

Oxeego - Pixels Natura 3x1
Compression Select/3
Care instructions:
Machine wash cold at 30° C.
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.

Made in Italy
Winning Trail: l’app digitale per tutti gli appassionati di ciclismo
Winning Trail: l’app digitale per tutti gli appassionati di ciclismo
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