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Home > Special Pack>Oxeego Recovery Pack

Special Pack>Oxeego Recovery Pack

Home > Special Pack>Oxeego Recovery Pack

Special Pack>Oxeego Recovery Pack

Oxeego Recovery Pack
On sale!
Oxeego Recovery Pack

The Oxeego kit for recovery after sport

60,00 €

87,00 €


Colore Full Leg Recovery:


  • più energia
    More Energy
  • ossigeno
    Improve Oxygenation
  • idratazione
  • temperatura
    Temperature Regolation
  • antibatterico
  • sudore
    Sweat Regulation

recovery pack

Oxeego Recovery Pack

€ 60,00 € 87

Ideal for the recovery phase after sport, including:

  • 1 After Sport
    Sock for a medium compression recovery, ideal for the recovery phase after sport.
  • 1 Full Leg Recovery
    The oxygenating and restraining Full Leg Recovery stimulates circulation gradually promoting muscle recovery due to increased oxygenation of tissues throughout the leg.
  • 1 Gel Aftersport in tubo da 200ml
    Gel effectively oxygenating to facilitate muscle recovery after exercise, in airless tube 200ml. Able to stimulate the physiological consumption of oxygen by the skin by increasing the production of energy. It promotes the natural metabolism of the skin and contrasts with the decision the formation of free radicals. It leaves your skin nourished, moisturized and velvety, giving a feeling of freshness and relief for muscles.

Choose the size of the After Sport sock and the color of the Full Leg Recovery before adding to cart.

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