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Oxeego sports socks are produced with innovative materials.
Created to improve sports performance and recovery after sport thanks to the increase in oxygenation, ensure maximum benefit to the muscles and the entire lymphatic system and blood.


Socks thought for who practices sports outdoor s, which activity needs better heel’s...

24,00 €
New Trail

26,00 €

Extra long sock completely black or white specific for cycling, breathable and...

26,00 €
Technical sleeveless base layer

Technical oxygenating sleeveless base layer improves physical activity , regulates...

49,00 €

Fitted and high transpiration sock strengthened in the tip and heel with maximum...

22,00 €
Running Stripes

Running Stripes: the new Running Collection 2016, guarantees maximum performance while...

24,00 €
Compression Stripes

The compression socks of the collection Stripes are available in 7 colors, ideal both...

32,00 €

Oxeego Pixels: technical sock sports available in 4 versions: Forest , Stone, Ocean...

26,00 €
Full Leg Recovery

Oxeego Full Leg Recovery sleeves  promotes muscle recovery due to increased...

29,00 €
Oxeego Headband

Oxeego headband is breathable, quick-drying and double face. Ideal running lovers.

18,00 €
Skilly Special

Oxeego for Andrea Schilirò : discover the three new models Skilly Special : Push...

26,00 €
Bike Night

Oxeego for Witoor, a special edition for the cycling Bike Night.

26,00 €